What We Do

Exercise can help improve anything apart from terminal illness, as long as you have the equipment, knowledge & experience like we do at Rockets Health & Fitness Club! We support all members with their journey..... For example: a person with a knee replacement will require Physiotherapy support from REDS, a food consultation with a member of staff to help reduce pressure on the knee from extra body weight & a gym programme to help with recovery. Our main goal is to give all members the help & support they need to achieve their results.


Regular exercise has many benefits such as: lowering blood pressure, lowering the risk of heart disease, diabetes & cancer. It can also assist with the recovery of conditions such as heart disease.

  • improving health
  • improving & maintaining fitness & flexibility
  • training for an event & improving sport performance
  • maintaining body weight & shape
  • improving self esteem
  • improving & building muscle tone
  • making lifestyle changes for the better
  • injury recovery
  • improving & maintaining mobility


Rockets Active:


Fast Class: free to all members, 9.30am – 10.30am, Rockets

Training based around our very own fitness rig, including functional and cardio training with plenty of weights thrown in. Our longest running class guaranteed a laugh with this group!

Senior Class: 10am – 11am, Forest Hill Golf Club

For people who are not yet confident in the gym including walking exercises, resistant circuits and exercise to music.

Core & Flexibility: 7pm – 8pm, Berry Hill Primary School

Improve your core strength and stretch out all those tight muscles in an hour. You’ll soon be holding the plank for longer than you think.



Boxercise: 6pm – 7pm, Berry Hill Primary School

Let out all your stress with boxercise for an hour, letting rip into the pads along with plenty of squats, lunges and press ups – an all over total workout.

Pilates (bookings only 6 week block), 7.15pm – 8pm, Rockets Personal Training Studio

Pilates is amazing for improving posture, back pains, flexibility and core strength. It’s a great way of preventing injury in other training. Give it a go, you’ll be surprised by the results.



Boot Camp: 6pm – 7pm, Rockets

Ready to give it your all? Try this military style workout with lots of functional training including all the squats, thrusters and burpees you could wish for!

Pilates: (bookings only 6 week block), 7.15pm – 8pm, Rockets Personal Training Studio



Beginners Running: (bookings only 8 weeks block), 7pm – 8pm, Meet at Rockets

Need help to get off the starting blocks? We will coach you to 5k, working together and encouraging each other as you head out of the gym running in the local area with staff.



HIIT: 4pm - 4.40pm, Rockets

High Intensity Interval Training – short bursts of exercise with plenty of rest in between. Great class to burn fat and boost metabolism.

Legs, Bums & Tums: 5pm – 6pm, Rockets

Definitely one for the ladies who love weights and circuits, all about toning those problem areas.

Gladiator Circuits: 6pm – 7pm, Rockets

Hard core circuits for people who like to push themselves to the max, all over workout to improve strength, power and endurance.